My Very First blog post

Hey guys, it’s Sanney Truths. I’m so glad to be here and start this journey with you guys as a blogger, and truth teller. This blog will encompass truths about our day to day lives that a lot of us feel too embarrassed to mention and discuss. Other truths will encompass food for thought on different cultures, different countries and different philosophies of life. This page was intended to welcome all peoples from different walks of life, different religions, different countries, and different genders. It is with great pleasure I welcome you to this page that shall always feel like a comforting home to you and all those who are just stopping by. Welcome!



Slacking and getting everything all back together.

Soo as you all can tell I haven’t been active here these past two weeks. I’ve had a lot going on home, with school, in my life in general. Now, although I condemn inconsistencies in projects, I fell prey to being one of those who.. 👀 for some some reason couldn’t follow through 😓.

In the beginning of December although everything wasn’t falling into to place the way I wanted it to, I was with the flow of things. But for my good I had to disconnect from things, and take a break. This time I didn’t know when I’d be back to things, I didn’t content myself on planning how I’d rebound from being inactive, and shockingly, I didn’t feel guilty about it. This break wasn’t about freaking out because I wasn’t meeting up to perfectionism (despite clearly labeling my retreat as a break). It was about not giving a damn about what was going to happen in the future, and feeling good about it, because eventually, all would fall into place once I had my mind set to perform again.

And now I’m back. Re-energized and ready to perform to my fullest, and greatest potential.

French Quote of the Day

Stop believing that you cannot try harder

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