My Very First blog post

Hey guys, it’s Sanney Truths. I’m so glad to be here and start this journey with you guys as a blogger, and truth teller. This blog will encompass truths about our day to day lives that a lot of us feel too embarrassed to mention and discuss. Other truths will encompass food for thought on different cultures, different countries and different philosophies of life. This page was intended to welcome all peoples from different walks of life, different religions, different countries, and different genders. It is with great pleasure I welcome you to this page that shall always feel like a comforting home to you and all those who are just stopping by. Welcome!



Staying mentally Sane

You’ve lost it all, you’re worthless. You don’t seem to be adequate to society lately, and you’ve got a shit load of problems buried in your mind. Resurfacing with tenacious eloquence, and you fear being called mental for expressing your difficulties and the state that it currently puts you in.

Dear friend I’ve got one message for ya…

Your mental and emotional well-being are elemental to your success and peace in life. If you aren’t doing well in those areas it can shatter all things you come in contact with.

Pay attention to them. See why you have emotional breakdowns, perhaps you aren’t paying attention to the triggers, and as a result, you keep engaging in these breakdowns periodically.


Go on YouTube and hear what someone else has to say about your situation. Google it if YouTube isn’t much help. I swear you’ll find something, many people have been compelled to share about an experience and touching story with others, you will find someone who has gone through the same thing as you.

Nowadays it’s quite hard to say that we are completely alone in our journey. Technology has made it so that different individuals all around the world from similar and different walks of life can share and engage with us. If not instantly, then through an imprint they have left for a curious soul who seeked it.

You shall never be alone!

The funny thing about life is that one day you find yourself crying, feeling miserable and inadequate upon looking at how short you fell from your goal. Another, you might realize that people are seeking to work with someone of your kind. The odd reality about these two realizations is that some require different influences of power, and might be that your network has the utmost role in accomplishing that.


Guidance, Advice, Opinions… Now what?

You’re at a standstill.

Wondering what’s worth the ride, what path to take, if everything be okay, and you just freeze.

This time you’re not isolated. Instead, you’re with your peers and entourage.

You decided to be real and release all the stress and anxiety you’ve been bottling up, people appreciate that and admire you for all the challenges you’ve been undergoing.

Now what? Who’s advice are you gonna follow? What does your past say about your present and your future ? How would following your impulse affect you and the situation ? What would be the consequences of this all? You wonder.

The cycles go round and round, but switch lanes if you’re not accelerating at your desired speed in a particular lane

Life isn’t about one area of your life. If one area of particular interest isn’t going well move on to the next. Don’t let them crumble because one side is transforming. By the time you finish nurturing the other parts of your life you will find an answer to the concerns, and you’ll look back and appreciate the fact that you didn’t waste your time on one side, cause some things take time!